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Plan your Luxurious Weekend Trip to Los Angeles

Updated: May 5, 2022

I’ve experienced Los Angeles before but never like this…

Earlier this year I celebrated my bachelor party weekend in LA. A handful of my closest friends flew in from all over the country to enjoy the California sunshine, the great vibes, day parties, and everything else LA has to offer. This was the perfect location for a quick weekend trip.

Since this was such a monumental occasion in my life, we knew we had to go BIG and let me tell you! The weekend was a movie! There are certain factors that make for a good trip, of course the squad you travel with is critical but equally as important, is the planning and the agenda. We can probably agree that planning is key, but sometimes you just don’t have the time, energy, nor desire to read through reviews on top restaurants to eat at, or things to do in that city. Me personally, it was my weekend to turn up and vibe out so planning was the last thing I wanted to do. Luckily for me, I work with some AMAZING trip planners, so I trusted the SeventyEleven team (minus myself) to handle all the planning. They managed everything, from researching and selecting a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills, to planning activities for us to partake in such, as paint balling - and everything in between. They provided me with an agenda and before I knew it, it was go time!

SeventyEleven was built on creating unforgettable experiences by taking on some

of the less exciting tasks like pre-trip research, planning, booking...etc., so folks can simply show up and have a great time.

A lot of planning went into organizing this trip to LA and it is safe to say, this was one of the best weekends of my life. Although the trip may be over, we figured why keep this fun-filled weekend to ourselves, when we can share the agenda, resources, and tips to plan your upcoming trip to LA (when it's safe to go outside again).

Now, are you ready to explore this one-stop-shop to planning your LA experience?


One step closer to planning your weekend trip to LA!

Feel free to download and use our final agenda for the weekend. We also included some other options that didn't make the final agenda, below. Keep in mind this was based on a “turn up” type trip so a lot of the recommendations are geared towards that. We hope this can help ease your planning process. If you have other dope recommendations for someone visiting LA for a weekend feel free to comment and share.

Los Angeles Weekend Trip Agenda
Download PDF • 271KB

Download the official agenda

Other recommendations:

Potential AirBnB options: Got a big group? want to live large for the weekend? check out these AirBnB mansions


  • Perch (Roof top vibes in downtown LA)

  • Granville (Awesome ambiance and delicious food)

  • Sonoritas Prime Tacos (Great burritos)

  • Howling Rays (Awesome chicken sandwiches)

  • Ono Hawaiian BBQ (Hangover cure, order take out or get it delivered)

Brunch Day Party vibes

  • District 7 DTLA

  • No Jealousy

  • The Highlight Room

  • The Parlor

  • Beauty & Essex

Clubs (Hip Hop)

  • Play House

  • Penthouse

  • Ballet Club

  • The Argyle


  • Page71

  • The Simple Bar

  • Dime Bar

  • The Room

  • The Highlight Room

  • The Bungalow

  • Ten31

  • Association

  • Lock and Key


For more details on SeventyEleven, our trips and our services please connect with us:

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