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About Us

Travel and events is what we do. And we have a heart for opening the door for people to make new friends and explore new adventures.


SeventyEleven has been in business for over 7+ years. We've hosted over 1000+ people to remote destinations internationally and domestically (U.S.), and have hosted over 60+ social experiences. 

What do we offer?

We have 3 main services we offer: 

Travel and Event Consulting

We love bringing a clients vision to life, whether its for a birthday party, a bachelorette weekend trip, or for a family reunion. We consult for all things travel and events.

Hosting Retreats

This is for the individuals who want to travel and meet people, but don't want to lift a finger. We've hosted a variety of retreats fully curated by us, including healing & wellness retreats, festivals, and ski trips to name a few. 


Hosting Events

Hosting events is where it all started for us, and we continue to hold true to those roots. We loove to party, but we also love business, and know how to put together a event centered around venture growth. We host alot of events in Charlotte through our sister company

Heal Retreat-125.jpg

Where did it all start?

A lot of people ask "What does the name SeventyEleven come from?" It is actually the numeric address to the house where it all started for us. Hosting events as college roommates eventually evolved into something greater. Three brothers just looking to bring people together to have a good time.

What do we value?

We want all of our guests to leave with something positive. Whether its a new friend (or lover :) ), a funny memory, a business connection, or a wellness experience. Unlike many other travel companies, we work to facilitate engagement amongst our group that always pays off in amazing ways. 

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Meet The Team

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Head of Event Curations & Tech


"Experiencing new things with amazing people around the world has got to be one of the best feelings in the world...and we get to do it as a profession. It's so fulfilling for us when we're able to expose people to new adventures, or support them in their explorations (externally and internally). I'm just grateful I'm able to use my systems engineering and business development background to do so."




Head of Travel Consulting and R&D

"I've lived alot of places in my life, and I can honestly say each experience has shaped me in ways I would have never imagined. Originally from Nigeria, I absolutely love traveling the world and connecting with people from different walks of life. Every corner of the world has something special about it. Helping facilitate others peoples travel journeys through SeventyEleven is amazing."



Project Manager & UXD

"Originally from Costa Rica, traveling the world is one of my favorite things to do, and helping others also experience what the world has to offer is a passion of mine. Through research, customer service, project management, and user experience design (UXD) I support the SeventyEleven organization in our mission of creating unforgettable social experiences."



Brand & Marketing Designer

"Originally from the Philipines, I have spent countless years in the hospitality industry wearing a variety of hats. However, I have a particular interest in branding and graphic design. Translating an abstract vision into a tangible and relatable design that connects with consumers is a passion of mine, and is something I love to do for SeventyEleven as we continue to propel our mission." 


Join the Team!

Eager to develop your career at SeventyEleven? We are always looking to grow the team in new ways. Please send us your CV and area of expertise at and we will get back to you!

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