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AfroSeattle: Our Favorite Areas to Visit in Seattle

Updated: Apr 17

Seattle is a coastal city with plenty to offer – from beautiful scenery to a bustling city atmosphere. Whether you’re coming to enjoy the delicious seafood at Pike Place Market, soak up the snow-capped mountainous views, or enjoy activities by the waterfront, we have you covered with a quick rundown of the best areas to visit in Seattle.

Seattle's Top Neighborhoods:

Capitol Hill

One of the liveliest neighborhoods in Seattle. A go-to spot for nightlife and LGBTQ community.


Very chill area of Seattle with plenty of coffee shops and boutiques.


This is the area for the hipsters! Plenty of unique restaurants and breweries.

Queen Anne

This area is split into two parts – the historic side (Upper Queen Anne) where you can expect to see older architecture and a slower pace. The Lower side is much livelier and is home to the Space Needle.


If Pike Place Market is a top attraction for you, this is where you’ll want to start your trip. Located downtown, this area is extremely walkable and easy to navigate to plenty of restaurants.

Pioneer Square

One of the most walkable areas of Seattle, with plenty of attractions, restaurants and bars. 

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