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7 Unconventional Alternative Lodging Options in Popular Destinations

When looking for accommodations for a trip, we always search for hotels or resorts. But how about trying something unique and unconventional?

Below are 7 alternative lodging options that you should consider when planning your next trip:

1. Treehouses

Treehouse stay has become really popular in recent years. Whether you’re traveling to a coastal region or mountainous area, you can surely find treehouse accommodations with breathtaking views of nature.

Some of our top favorites include Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort in Oregon and River's Edge Treehouse Resort in North Carolina.

2. Houseboats

Houseboats are made for adventure-seeking tourists. They give you the opportunity to explore beautiful lakes, rivers, and reservoirs in the most authentic and exciting way.

If you’re visiting a city that has a beautiful scenic water body, like the Great Lakes, you can definitely consider this option.

3. Airplane Hotel

Sounds fascinating, right? Hotels in unique shapes, especially of different objects, are quite intriguing. For example, the airplane hotel in Costa Rica, called 727 Fuselage Home, offers all amenities with a scenic ocean and jungle view.

You can find many such lodging options throughout America.

4. Farm Stays

Farm stays, such as Los Poblanos in New Mexico and Blackberry Farm in Tennessee, offer a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in a rural setting, surrounded by tranquility and scenic beauty.

Here you can indulge in many recreational activities, including hiking through farmland, horseback riding, and mountain biking, or consider participating in farm-based activities like organic farming and culinary arts.

5. Glamping

Glamping is a more luxurious and glamorous version of camping. It allows you to experience the beauty of nature without compromising comfort. So you get proper beds, a private bathroom, electricity, and good food inside a sturdy tent.

If you prefer this lodging option, you can choose from many glamping resorts, such as Naturluxe & Stars in New York and Capitol Reef Resort in Utah.

6. Igloos

If you’re planning on visiting a cold destination like Alaska, then you have to stay a night or two in an igloo. It’s especially a perfect lodging option for couples seeking a romantic and cozy experience.

During days you can explore the snowy landscape on a dog sled, and during nights you snuggle in and gaze up at the perfect night sky.

7. Hostels

These might sound less exciting than other lodging options on this list, but hostels are amazing for saving costs and socializing. Especially if you’re a solo traveler, you can take shared rooms in hostels and meet other fellow travelers.

Another advantage of choosing hostels is their widespread availability. You can find a variety of hostels throughout any city, catering to different preferences and budgets.

Summing Up

If you’re looking for something beyond the ordinary, you should definitely consider an alternative lodging option during your next trip. It’ll surely make your entire travel experience more memorable and enriching.

Want more help in planning your next journey? Check out our website for more such awesome travel tips.

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