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8 Best Budget Travel Destinations From Around The World

Being budget conscious doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a great vacation. You just need to find the perfect destination and plan everything in advance.

To help you narrow down your research, here’re 8 budget-friendly travel destinations you cannot miss:

1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali has white-sand beaches and spas for you to relax and unwind; age-old temples to experience the unique culture and spectacular architecture; and plenty of water activities and trekking opportunities for an adrenaline rush.

The best part is that everything is under budget! Accommodations in Bali cost around $20-$50/night and a one-hour spa will cost around $6.

You can also save money by ditching the high-end restaurants for the local markets that offer traditional Indonesian food for $2-$5/meal.

2. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio offers a perfect blend of American history and Mexican culture. And it’s one of the easily affordable cities to visit in the USA. You can find accommodations for $50/night and some delicious Mexican-fusion dishes for around $10.

3. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is an ancient treasure. It has some of the best Islamic architecture, pyramids including The Great Pyramids of Giza, and the oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East.

The streets of the city are bustling with snack stalls where you can eat the best shawarma or falafel for under $2.

For accommodation, you can find hostels for $15/night and hotels under $50/night.

4. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is a gorgeous city where you can explore museums, go hiking, and take a hot air balloon flight. Oh, and if you’re a fan of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, don’t miss the Breaking Bad Tours in the city.

There’s so much to do and everything comes at an affordable cost. The accommodation options cost somewhere between $30-$50/night and the average cost of meals will be around $10.

5. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is a small but popular budget travel destination. Here you can do a bunch of low-cost/free activities including a hike up Bob’s Peak, watch the sunset across Lake Wakatipu, eat a Fergburger, or enjoy some cold beers on Queenstown Bay Beach.

There are also plenty of accommodation options and the prices vary from $20 to $50/night. You can also easily find many budget-friendly eateries that cost less than $10/meal.

6. Daytona, Florida

If your idea of a vacation is sunbathing on the beach, then head to Daytona. This 23-mile-long beach is an excellent place for fun-filled water activities, festivals, and food.

On average, a delicious meal in the city will cost you around $10. And the most affordable accommodations start from $50/ night.

7. Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a budget-friendly destination in Europe. It’s a lively place full of art and history, annual festivals, sandy beaches, and strong food culture. A traditional Valencian meal will cost you around $10.

The accommodation options are also quite affordable as you can get a shared hostel room for $20/night and the hotel prices start from $60/night.

8. Hội An, Vietnam

Hội An is a small city that is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The place feels like an old town with historical buildings, ancient bridges, local handicrafts, and night markets with glowing lanterns.

But the biggest highlight of the city is the food. You have to try the traditional Vietnamese dishes like banh mi, Cao lầu, Mi Quang, and bánh xèo. They will cost you around $1 both in restaurants and on the streets.

Staying in the city is also quite affordable as you can get a hostel room for around $10/night and a night in a two-star hotel will cost around $20.

What’s Your Next Travel Destination?

The 8 places mentioned above are the best yet budget-friendly travel destinations. You just have to do your homework, research a lot, and book things in advance to make the most out of your vacation.

If you need any help, head on to Seventy Eleven and explore the different travel options we offer both within and outside of the US.

To read more such interesting articles, head over to the Seventy Eleven blog.

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