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To make it easier for our guests, payments will be accepted through weekly or bi-weekly installments paid within the next few months. The first payment represents an initial deposit that secures your spot for the trip. Once that deposit is received we will follow up with a receipt and specific details on next steps. 



Payments Include: 

  • Big Bear Ski resort rooming and special group amenities

  • Los Angeles hotel rooming and special group amenities

  • Food, drinks, and alcohol included throughout the trip

  • Transportation throughout the entire trip for key group activities

  • Agenda and logitsics planning services


The planning service and transportation costs are at a standard rate per person, however, the lodge pricing is determined by which rooming option you select.

Jamaica Pricing Table 3 - no dates.png

***Bedding type in the double occupancy rooms are subject to availability. These are provided on a first come, first serve basis.  Regardless, each guest will either have a  King, Queen, Full or Twin bed set. 

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