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Our mission at Seventy Eleven is to create social experiences centered around positive vibes and celebrating life. Our experiences and services range from parties, business events, all the way to destination trips overseas. We work closely with our guests to understand their vision and we bring it to life by designing extraordinary events. 


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Dreu Dixon, Co-founder

Business Systems Development & Analysis

"Operational excellence is my primary focus. I develop business analytics, tools, processes, and systems to create a dynamic experience for our team and our customers alike."

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Musa Jose, Co-founder

"Research, analysis, and customer relations is at the heart of what I do. I sift through a world full of information and complexity, and align it with the vision of my team and customers needs in a seamless fashion." 

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Abdullah Jose, Co-founder

"Great business starts with great people. I strategically bridge the gap between our services, business partners and customers to ensure that we remain successful through the strong relationships we build."

Operational Research & Customer Relations

Strategic Business Partnerships

Aside from our primary roles, we are a diverse team of individuals that wear many hats. Along with marketing, finance, operations, and a variety of other things, building strong customer relationships is a component that every member of our team cherishes and is involved in on a day-to-day basis. 

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